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Vassals is a famous gnome lords, living in The Merge World. They will be available for gameplay as free claims after the alpha public test of the game. Before claiming, players must choose abilities, undergo a short test with highly unusual questions to create a psychological profile of their lord, and assemble their own flag from pixelated components! After completing these steps, you will be able to claim your vassal - their abilities, rarity and appearance will be generated based on your answers!

Vassals are playable characters who have their own settlement within the landlord's land. Each land contains 3 to 8 settlements, and each settlement safeguards a spot for construction. The vassal receives a percentage of resources or products from the structure the landlord builds in that spot.

Vassals abilities

Vassals cannot produce resources themselves, but they have the ability to trade and transport - each vassal has their own caravan with a family crest.

Vassals are the only means for the landlord to recruit diverse combat units (excluding mercenaries, which can be acquired with in-game tokens).

Vassals can engage in battles with neighboring vassals on the same land, as well as capture territories on other lands.

Vassals can establish colonies.

Vassals can construct special defensive structures on their territory, as well as buildings for training various military units.

A vassal can improve his abilities and the abilities of his main squad of guardsmen Vassals may not provide any units for the landlord, then the landlord may go to war against the vassal. If the vassal is defeated he cannot create units for personal use until he gives the right amount of units to his landlord. If the landlord is defeated the vassal will have temporary immunity for vassal duties to the landlord, such as supplying resources, units, participation in wars, suppressing rebellion in colonies, etc.

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