In the game, there will be three types of lootboxes:

  • Blueprint boxes

  • Resource boxes

  • Imperial boxes

Blueprint boxes contain 1 to 5 different types of buildings! Blueprint boxes can be obtained during the minting process. You will receive 1 blueprint box for each poser in your wallet, as well as for each land that you mint. For example, if you have 10 posers in your wallet and you mint 3 lands, you will receive 13 blueprint boxes.

Resource boxes can only be obtained between the land minting period and the public launch of the game. Resource boxes contain various resources that will be very useful for a smooth start. Resource boxes will drop weekly into the wallets of owners for every 5 lands or every 5 posers, but only if there have been no sales of posers or lands on the wallet. Example: if you have ever sold a poser after mint, airdrops for posers will not be available even in the following weeks. These are the most valuable boxes!

Imperial boxes include a set of three game items of any type:

Imperial boxes can be purchased with game tokens after the public launch of the game.

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