Biomes and Game World

In The Merge World, the universe is infinite! The entire world is divided into hexagonal plots of land, each represented by an NFT token that can be owned by players. Each piece of land has important attributes, such as:

  • Biome

  • Land features

  • Possible resources

  • Total resources (after exploration/revelation)

  • Temperature

  • Altitude

  • Humidity

  • Number of building slots (3 to 8)

  • Coastal or non-coastal

The game features 32 different biomes, each with unique characteristics. Some biomes contain rare resources, while others offer bonuses to specific production types. Every biome has a specific set of resources, with some being rich in resources, such as mountains, while others, like deserts, are scarce in resources. Scarce biomes, however, compensate for their lack of resources by having rare features.

During the minting process, players receive lands which will be 2-5 unoccupied plots away from the next player. If multiple lands are minted together, they will be located next to each other.

The player is unable to view the full world map and does not know their location within the world. Players are only able to see within a 2-land radius of their characters or possessions. Once an area is explored, it will remain visible forever.

The map does not display the exact distance between different areas of the world. If a player has unexplored areas that are far away from each other, the distance is visually reduced to 5 cells.

All land plots IDs are encrypted this is done to make it difficult for players to replicate the map of the existing world by working together.

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