The whole The Merge World lives and evolves through the interaction of players, with the most important interactions occurring through contract agreements.

Currently, there are several types of basic contracts between landowners

  • Right of passage - allows for penalty-free movement at normal speed through another player's territory. By default, moving through another player's territory incurs significant speed penalties.

  • Shared reconnaissance - reveals newly-discovered territory of another player for a few days, but not their buildings or structures. After the time period expires, the territory remains visible but any newly discovered territory will not be revealed. This contract is mutual.

  • Trade agreement - allows for duty-free trade in another player's trading posts, with customizable tariffs.

  • Customs agreement - allows for transport through your own territory without tariffs, but is a one-sided contract.

  • Country (clan) creation contract - sent by one player to another if their city center coverage areas border each other.

  • Country annexation contract - can only be sent by selecting the capital city of the country that borders your territory.

  • Extraction contract - allows for resource extraction with a percentage of the resources going to the Land owner. This is a one-sided contract requested by the extractor.

  • Declaration of war.

  • Peace treaty.

  • Land rental contract.

  • Colony rental contract.

  • Extraction/production permission - required to extract or produce resources if your land is under the influence of another player's outpost or city center.

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