Buildings and Structures

All structures in the game are tied to the land token after construction. If you sell your land, you sell it with all the buildings on it. To remove a building and get the blueprint back, you can pay a commission to the Empire Bank, and their specially trained gnomes will do it for you.

Buildings in the game are divided into categories:

  • Extraction (48 types at the moment)

  • Production (50 types at the moment)

  • Military

  • Trade

  • Government

  • Warehouses

  • Spaceports and portals

Extraction buildings are necessary for mining resources found on the land. Depending on the type of resource and biome, the mining speed will differ with the installation of the building, and some resources cannot be obtained without the extractive building.

Production buildings contain sets of recipes for manufacturing goods from resources or from other products.

Trade buildings are currently represented only by Trade Hubs. A trade hub is one of the rarest and most expensive buildings you can find in the world, and players can only trade on lands with built trade hubs!

Government buildings are currently represented in the game by three buildings:

  • Outpost - turns the land into an outpost, which automatically prohibits (reduces mining by 90%) resource extraction from all foreign lands within a radius of 1 and makes it possible to make agreements on resource extraction, allowing mining in the outpost's area of influence while taking a percentage of the production in resources. Resources automatically come to the land's warehouse.

  • City center - turns the land into a city. It has the same effect as the outpost, but the radius of influence increases to 2 lands. Two cities standing next to each other can be merged with the capital, creating a country (clan).

  • Capital. It has the same effect as the city and outpost, but the influence zone increases to a radius of 3.

Military buildings will be added to the game later. Military buildings include all vassals buildings to produce battle units. Also in this category are all defensive structures

Warehouses have three types that differ in size and can be built in addition to the main land warehouse, increasing its capacity. If you demolish an additional warehouse, all items that exceed the weight limit of the land's main warehouse will be destroyed.

Spaceports are designed to send resources stored on the land's warehouse to space, specifically, directly to the player's wallet. Products can also be delivered back into the game, no spaceport required! Items are dropped in by parachute (what, did you think they'd just magically appear?).

Portals allow players to earn Game Tokens by sending one of the 10 final production items through them. This is the only thing the game rewards players for and is the main element of P2E in the game, which is why portals are the rarest buildings in The Merge World! Other players will also be able to use your spaceports, portals, and trade hubs - and you'll receive good commissions for this!

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