Game tokens have a limited supply and are regulated by the game's smart contract - the so-called Empire Bank. This contract distributes, accepts, and stores game tokens, and always holds at least a quarter of the total token supply.

Acquiring tokens from the Empire Bank

Currently, game tokens can only be obtained from the Empire Bank by sending one of the final products to the portal or through loot boxes. When a player produces a final product, they can send it through the portal and receive tokens from the Empire Bank. If a player does not have their own portal, they can do this through another player's portal by paying a commission to that player and to Empire Bank.

What players can spend token on

Currently, tokens are added to the bank from:

  1. Taxes on in-game trading.

  2. Taxes on sending products and resources into space (withdrawal from the game contract to the owners' wallets).

  3. Colonies privatization (new lands mint).

  4. Returning a building from the plot.

  5. Empire duty for setting up an outpost, city, or capital.

  6. Loot boxes with resources, products, or buildings.

  7. Subscription to automatic land management.

  8. Use of Imperial trading points, spaceports, and portals.

  9. Acceleration of production, mining, and construction.

  10. Imperial caravan protection.

  11. Commission from renting other players' land.

  12. Empire duty for founding a country (clan).

  13. Empire duty for receiving goods from space (input of resources from wallet to the game).

  14. Hire mercenaries

  15. Disposal of unnecessary materials

Note: Empire Bank are hypothetical and do not correspond to any real-world financial system or blockchain platform.

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