Products are produced only in buildings designed for the production of a specific product. All products are NFT tokens and can be withdrawn to the player's wallet through the spaceport. They can also be delivered to the warehouse of any land from space, for which the spaceport is not required.

The ultimate objective of manufacturing goods is to establish a series of production and trade links that allow you to create one of ten end products. These products can then be sent to the portal to receive a game token reward from the Empire Bank. To achieve this goal, you'll need to carefully manage your resources and build efficient supply chains.

Products, like resources, have a mass parameter in addition to their quantity. Food has a third parameter - calories. The amount of products or resources that can be stored in a warehouse or caravan directly depends on their mass. For any production, travel or exploration, food is required, otherwise the production and travel speed decreases to 10% of the nominal speed.

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