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In a distant blockchain world, the balance of power was altered by the arrival of Titans from other universes who established their own laws. Since then, the history of the world has been written according to their rules and the Titans are the ultimate judges of all ancient chroniclers.
The Titans' arrival, however, brought about a remarkable technological revolution that allowed the posers to travel beyond their star system and explore the entire galaxy. After discovering and exploring countless civilizations and worlds, the posers eventually hit a standstill for many thousands of years... until they stumbled upon the Portal.
The Portal transported the posers to a new dimension called The Merge World, where space is converted from 3D to 2D. Here, the posers found an infinite, flat world that they quickly colonized. Research revealed a connection between the Titans and this new world - it was likely that the same portals that brought the Titans to the posers' world also led to The Merge World!
As time passed, scientists studied the portal's structure and developed copies for private use. These copies allowed private companies to send caravans loaded with resources and manufactured goods, which were in high demand in the galaxy.
But The Merge World was not without its own dangers. It was populated by harmful gnomes, some of which were soon trained and put to good use. Some gnomes could be trained to assist in production, while others harm colonizers in every possible way were used in bio-industry...
Despite the risks, the potential for endless riches in The Merge World has attracted many private company owners. Now, it's your turn to join the adventure. Buy your own piece of undiscovered land, receive a basic package of resources, and start building your empire while exploring this unique 2D world!