Players can rent out their land to another player. In this case, the land will be transferred to the balance of the game's smart contract and will remain there until one of the parties terminates the rent agreement or when the lease term expires. All resources and products that remained in the land's warehouse at the end of the lease will remain on the land, so make sure to remove them in time!

IIt is also possible to rent out caravans controlled by NFT characters. The player will not be able to use their NFT token for other purposes while it is rented out. The rules at the end of the lease are the same - if there are any products or resources left in the caravan, they will be transferred to the owner of the NFT character, and you will lose access to them.

This feature allows for a dynamic and flexible economy where players can leverage their assets and generate passive income, while others can rent assets they need to achieve their strategic goals.

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