P2O part of the game

All resources, products, buildings, land plots, and colonies owned by a player are represented as tokens on the L2 network in this game. The player's wallet only holds directly the land and NFT characters that they can play with. NFT characters can be assigned to speed up resource production or create units like caravans, scouts, or armies. Other tokens are tracked on the blockchain and assigned to the player, but are managed by the game's backend server to optimize network transactions and simplify gameplay, reducing the need to wait for each transaction to be confirmed.

All optimized transactions will be visible on our website's explorer, and anyone can compare the hash file of optimized transactions with the hash included in each package of optimized transactions on the blockchain.

Developers will also provide a formula for calculating optimization and take all possible measures to prevent developers from cheating players or manipulating resources, even in the event of a hack.

All produced goods can be withdrawn to the player's wallet or sent into the game if purchased outside the game. To send goods into the game, a player will need a spaceport.

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