Land management

Features of managing your land

  • Each land plot always has a built-in warehouse that can be upgraded. It is not possible to demolish or replace the warehouse, but it can be expanded with an additional building - a mobile warehouse or simply by upgrading the existing one.

  • There are from 3 to 8 slots for buildings on the land plot. Buildings can be demolished, and the player receives an NFT token with the building back to their wallet.

  • Resources can be extracted from the land plot without any mining buildings, but the extraction speed will be significantly reduced. Not all resources can be extracted without a mining building.

  • The land plot can be turned into an outpost or a city, and a city can be made the capital of the country.

  • A trading hub can be established on the land plot, and the player can manage the sale of their resources or create requests to purchase necessary resources from other players.

  • The land plot can be leased to another player. The owner will receive a percentage of the resources produced or simply game tokens, depending on the agreement.

  • A tax can be set on the passage of caravans in the form of game tokens or as a percentage of goods transported through the land. Both types of tax can be set simultaneously.

  • A timer of one hour is given for all land conditions and settings, which means that the rules for passing through the land or the rules for renting electricity, etc. will come into force an hour after the change of requirements/conditions. After changing the conditions, at least 12 hours must pass before the land rules can be changed again.

  • A governor can be assigned to the land plot using an NFT character, which will provide various bonuses when managing the land. NFT characters can also be assigned to resource extraction or production, which will significantly speed up task completion.

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